About Us

About Us

Our commitment to quality and attention to detail along with a deep understanding of the clients vision as ‘your success is our success’ is our hallmark. We believe in a new manifesto: Innovation, Sustainability and Development which is the requirement of the new world.


To be the premier organization operating locally and globally that provides the complete range of amusement services to all segments under one roof.


We seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.

Ethos of PAFL:

It’s about who we are; it’s the characteristic spirit of a culture, era and community as manifested in our attitudes and aspirations. Our Ethos is the deep essence of PAFL, but it also helps us embrace what we must aspire to be. We believe in sustainable development.

Client’s Profit is Our Opportunity: Our opportunities multiply when our clients get profit, we succeed when we make our clients successful and we always serve par excellence.

Regard each Person with Dignity: Every human being deserves respect, we should ‘become an employer of choice’ by embracing the diversity of culture, of thought and of people.

Be a Global and Responsible Citizen: We should be Global in thinking and actions. We are a responsible citizen of the world. Our responsibility is to be ethical in our business norms.

Firming Integrity as a Base of Our Actions: Integrity is not just about following laws, it’s more, Integrity is about honesty and fairness in the action, we take it as our core and basis of decision making.