Swing Chair

Swing Chair

Swing Chair is a family ride & meets the best requirements of amusement market. Swing Chair incorporates all the excitement of a large wave swingers, the chairs are hanging as the name suggests from a fixed height and rotating at high speed around the central pole in a synchronized and controlled manner. The ride has a capacity to entertain 20 adults / children at a time.

Technical specification         

Seating Capacity                        :  20 pax

No. of  bogies                               :  10 chairs

Area for Rides                             :  Dia.7 mtrs.

Power Require                            :  15 HP / 11  KW

Fencing Area                               :  Dia. 15 mtrs.

Ride Height                                  :  10 mtrs.

Ride Speed                                   :  15 to 20 RPM

Drive                                                :  Electric / Hydraulic Drive

Construction                              :  Permanent Park

Material                                         :  Steel, Fiber Glass, Stainless Steel

Loading                                          :  All Bogie Simultaneous