Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon

Looking alike little brothers of well-known Giant Wheel or Ferris Wheel, the rides with height of 5-13 mtrs specially provides comfort of enjoy to our little ones. Ideal for shopping centers and Indoor/Outdoor Amusement Parks, these rides utilize a minimum of space offering at the same time an excellent seating capacity. Their reliability and care of maintenance will make them an affordable investment for any location. Their beautiful design and their bright colours will surely charm your youngest customers.

Technical specification

Seating Capacity                          :  20 Children

No. of Bogies                                  :  5 Bogies

Area for Rides                                :  L: 4.5 mtrs. X B: 4.5 mtrs.

Fencing Area                                  :  6.5 mtrs X 6.5 mtrs

Ride Height                                     :  5.5 mtrs.

Power Require                              :  5 HP / 3.7 KW

Vertical Rotating Speed          :  4 RPM

Drive                                                  :  Electric Drive

Construction                                 :  Permanent Park

Loading                                            :  1 by 1 Bogie