Revolving Tower

Revolving Tower

Revolving tower or sky swinger is a very popular outdoor family ride having a platform with seating arrangement structured around the central tower. The platform starts rotating around the tower and rising simultaneously, giving a birds eye panoramic view of the whole park or surroundings to the rider. Revolving towers with smaller heights can also be installed in open spaces of malls, resorts etc and are great attraction for the visitors.

Technical specification

Seating Capacity                     :  16 Kids

No. of  bogies                            :  1 Platform

Area for Rides                          :  Dia.4 mtrs.

Power Require                         :  7.5 HP / 6  KW

Fencing Area                            :  Dia. 6 mtrs.

Ride Height                               :  6.5 mtrs.

Ride Speed                               :  6 RPM

Drive                                            :  Electric / Hydraulic Drive

Construction                           :  Permanent Park

Material                                     :  Steel, Fiber Glass, Stainless Steel

Loading                                     :  All Bogie Simultaneous