Parachute Tower

Parachute Tower

A family ride  having 6 gondolas with seating capacity of 2 guests each and a parachute structure on top lifts the rider to a height and comes down smoothly giving a feel of jumping from aircraft with a parachute.

Technical specification

Seating Capacity                     :  12 pax

No of Bogies                             :  6 Bogies

Area for Rides                           :  8.5 mtrs

Fencing Area                             :  Dia.12 mtrs.

Ride Height                                :  20 mtrs.

Power Require                         :  23 HP / 18 KW

Chair Lifting                               :  Up & Down Motion

Drive                                              :  Electric Drive

Construction                             :  Permanent Park

Loading                                        :  All Bogie Simultaneous