Cater Pillar

Cater Pillar

Caterpillar ride is a fun ride for family especially for small kids. The shapes of bogies are designed like caterpillar. Riders can enjoy the simulation as if riding piggy back on a real caterpillar. The ride has circular route for rotation and travels on this definite path. The front most bogies have drive mechanism, which moves all the bogies.

Technical specification

Seating Capacity                     :  12 Adults

No. of  bogies                            :  1 Bogie

Area for Rides                           :  Dia.12.5 mtrs.

Fencing Area                             :  Dia. 15 mtrs.

Ride Height                                :  1.2 mtrs.

Power Require                          :  5 HP / 3.7 KW

Ride Speed                                  :  7 RPM

Drive                                               :  Electric Drive

Construction                              :  Permanent Park