Water Chute/Flume Ride is an adventure seeking ride, Gondola or boat shaped like logs, go up moving smoothly and then at one point the boat slides down freely on a steep inclination and dashing on to the water pool, like a log being tossed down a steep mountain stream, sending up a spray of water as the log hits the pool of water at the end of the ride before stopping.


Technical Specification :



Seating Capacity 6 Pax (Per Bogie)
No. of Bogies 2 Bogies  
Area of Rides L: 105 mtrs X B: 26 mtrs
Fencing Area L : 110 mtrs X B:30 mtrs
Height of Rides 17 mtrs.
Power Require 25 HP/18.7 KW
Running Speed 30 km per hour maximum
Drive Electricic Drive
Loading  All passenger Simultaneous
Construction Permanent Park