Swing Ship/Pirate Ship/Columbus is a veteran ride authentic reproduction of century ship. Visitors to the park are fascinated by the fantasy of riding an antique ship and continuously experience the sensation like soaring up and down on from the crest of big tidal waves. It gives a sensation of real time sailing and being stuck in angry waves. Smaller versions can also be installed indoors in malls.


Technical Specification :



Seating Capacity 40 Pax (30, 24, 16 pax also available)
No. of Bogies 01 Ship (Gondola)
Area of Rides L:18 mtrs.X B:10 mtrs.
Fencing Area L:20 mtrs.X B:12 mtrs.
Height of Rides 13 mtrs.
Power Required 30 HP / 23 KW
Rotation  Speed 8 to 10 RPM
Light Load 2 KW
Swing Speed Gravitation Pendulum Swing
Chair Cluster Rotating Speed Free Wheeling Clock wise
Drive Electric  Drive
Loading All passenger Simultaneous
Construction Permanent Park