A very thrilling ride comprising  two bogies suspended with arms like like pendulam, having 16 seats in each bogie, the ride starts with gentle motion like a pendulam (mutually opposite rotation of each arm) and gradually gaining speed and height and at a stage this pendulam like movement of bogies will become change to circular/ 360 deg. motion, hence inverting the bogie while on top, giving a thrilling and chilling movements to the riders.


Technical Specification :



Seating Capacity 32 Pax. (16 pax each Bogie)
No. of Bogies 2 Bogies
Area for Ride  L: 10 mtrs. X 10 mtrs.
Fencing Area L: 15 mtrs. X B: 15 mtrs.
Height of Rides 15 mtrs.
Power Require 90 H.P/ 68 KW
Rotating Speed 11 RPM
Bogie Rotating  One bogie Clock wise & one Anticlockwise
Drive Hydraulic  Drive
Loading  All passenger Simultaneous
Construction Permanent Park