The Octopus shaped ride offers a choice of five to eight arms attached to the central axis spin to create random up and down movement, while cars at the end of the arms spin on rotary bolts. Ride is a family-ride full of excitement and thrill. Three different motions combine together to complete the ride sequence.


Technical Specification :



Seating Capacity 40 Pax  (24 Pax also availlable)
No. of Bogies 20  Bogies
Area for Ride  Dia. 16 mtrs.
Fencing Area Dia. 18 mtrs.
Height of Rides 4.5 mtrs.
Power Required 43.5 HP / 32.6 KW
Rotating Speed 8 to 10 RPM
Main ArmRotating Speed  4 RPM Clockwise
Electric Rotating Speed 5 RPM Anti clockwise
Chair Cluster Rotating Speed  Free Wheeling Clock wise
Drive  Hydraulic Drive
Loading  All passenger Simultaneous
Construction Permanent Park