It is the centre point of every water park and a fun spot for every child.  It offers a whole lot of fun activities like rope climbing, water gun, spray spouts, mini slides, sprinklers and tilting buckets all at one place.  It is a very controlled and safe environmment for children to indulge in the many fun activities without having to go anywhere else.


Technical Specification :



No of platforms 5 and above up to 15 or even more if design demands
Length of slides customised as per design
Height of System Customised as per design
Type of slides straight, curved, wave, family,kiddy,  tunnel, body, raft etc as per design
Other features mist, splash roof, Umprella, horizontal sparay, Magic wheel as per design
Theming Jungle, pirate, animal, fairy land, ocean etc can be customised
Depth 300 mm
Colours Customised
Cunstruction Permanent Park.