Highly secure and extremely thrilling Frisbee Coaster is one of the most exciting ride for the park visitors. A frisbee shaped disk with riders positioned on a specially designed seats facing outwards moves on a track curved upwards and also spinning on its axis, This Frisbee Coaster is recognized for its smooth  functioning and jerk free ride and also easy to install and operate.


Technical Specification :



Seating Capacity 30 Pax (24, 40 also availlable)
No. of Bogies 1 Bogie
Area for Ride  L: 28 mtrs. X 8 mtrs.
Fencing Area L: 30 mtrs. X B: 10 mtrs.
Height of Rides 9 mtrs. at the end
Power Require 75 H.P/ 57 KW
Rotating Speed 6 RPM
Swing Speed  Pendulum Swing
Drive Electric Drive
Loading  All passenger Simultaneous
Construction Permanent Park