Ferris Wheel / Giant Wheel represents the most classical and beautiful attraction for a park. All families may ride this attraction and see a nice landscape from its height. It consist of a rotating wheel with multipule rider carrying in gondolas, attached to the rim in asuch a way that as the wheel turns the are kept upride. We provide state-of-the-art Ferris Wheels in a variety of height and seating choices. Built sturdy to suit every environment and bring a world of fun for the entire family, also includes Air –Conditioned Gondolas with height giving feel of London Eye.


Technical Specification :



Height 90 Ft. (60, 40 ft. also available)
Seating Capacity 72 Pax (48,32 Pax.)
Area of Rides L: 21 mtrs X B:18 mtrs
Fencing Area L:25 mtrs X B: 20 mtrs
Height of Rides 27 mtrs.
Power Require 35 HP, 27 KW
Lighting Load 3 KW
Rotating speed 4 to 6 RPM
Dead Weight 22700 Kg
Drive Hydraulic Drive
Loading  1 Bogy at a time
Construction Permanent Park