Coffee Cup or Merry Cups is a ride that has tea cups shape fiber glass seating arrangement. The main platform of the ride moves clockwise, and the smaller platforms within this main platform move anti-clockwise, the cups on the smaller platform in turn rotate in a free spin giving a feeling that the cups have gone crazy. This is popular family ride which gives thrill to one and all.



Technical Specification :

Seating Capacity

48 Pax

No. of Bogies 

12  Bogies

Area of Ride

Dia. 11 mtrs. mtrs.

Fencing Area

Dia. 13 mtrs.

Ride Height

3.5 mtrs.

Power Requiredt

25 HP / (18.7 KW)

Lighting Load

2.5 KW

Plateform  Rotation

6 RPM Clockwise

Chair Cluster Speed

8 RPM Antilockwise

Chair Rotating Speed

6 RPM Clockwise


Hydraulic Drive


All Passenger Simultaneous


Permanent Park