“Adaptability & continuous self appraisal has been my organization’s strength to improvise and grow”
It took me 28 years to bring Parkash Amusements where it stands today. Very happy to see amusement is accepted as Industry, business plan almost  every business house has amusement on its agenda. Its been a long journey for my Company and myself. Indeed, a stage of take off, holding great potential within itself for everybody involved.

At Parkash Amusements, we have been working towards continuous product development and innovation. We continue to anticipate changing global trends and technological advancements to create solutions that are innovative and adaptable to Indian conditions. Always evolving and moving ahead of the times and competition to fulfill the customer expectations. It is with this belief and determination that we have created our niche in the entertainment and amusement space. We look forward to surpassing expectations and creating new benchmarks by enhancing our product & services portfolio and your experience forever.